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Grant Philanthropic Advisors is an independent, Charleston-based firm helping you to focus and maximize your philanthropy—in turn, strengthening the fabric of our communities.


Philanthropy at its best creates meaning, joy and legacy. Grant Philanthropic Advisors was founded in 2019 to help donors move from responsive patterns of giving by assisting clients to identify values and become more strategic in their philanthropy. Our goal is to help donors to become more effective as change-makers.

Finding consensus & understanding.

To foster the distinctly personal, human endeavor of philanthropy, Grant Philanthropic Advisors’ founder Kaky Grant is dedicated to assisting philanthropists to coalesce around values and giving priorities.

What matters to you? Let’s start there.

Just as you work to create success in other areas of your life, it makes sense to pursue philanthropy with planning and purpose. The question is, how best to give and to benefit the local, regional or global-reach causes and organizations that you admire—or have yet to discover.

How do you help to make the world a better, more resilient place? Grant Philanthropic Advisors is here to help you distill your values, define the mission of your giving, and take action.

We help individuals, families, family offices & foundations.


Discover and define personal and family values and priorities.


Incorporate plans and strategy for more effective giving.


Develop a portfolio of philanthropy that is targeted and meaningful.


Evaluate opportunities and options to support nonprofit groups, causes and institutions.

We're different,
with purpose.

Grant Philanthropic Advisors offers concierge-style services for our clients. In addition to our special knowledge and expertise in the Carolinas, we are pleased to work in other geographic regions, too–guided by your dreams and goals.

Our range of services is flexible to meet you where you are with your philanthropy. We don’t manage donor assets, or add another layer of maintenance fees. Instead, we work with clients as an unbiased advisor, billing only when services are provided. Some clients may wish to meet monthly, quarterly, or a few times a year. It’s up to you.

Our services are customizable and may include:

On an as-needed-basis, Grant Philanthropic Advisors can help to evaluate grant proposals and donation requests, gather additional information on causes you care about, and coordinate with your other partners and professional advisors.


Facilitating family discussions on philanthropy to affirm values and strategy.


Researching the philanthropic opportunities in a specific community or region, or an area of interest (environment and conservation, health sciences, the arts, affordable housing, etc.)


Connecting clients to volunteer opportunities & philanthropic happenings.


Information gathering with each individual, family member or other stakeholders involved in your philanthropic giving. Gain understanding about the current philanthropic landscape, impact and effectiveness.


Making introductions to others involved in philanthropy and to new philanthropic ideas and trends. Coaching, as needed, to be more confident with your philanthropy.

About Kaky

Principal, Grant Philanthropic Advisors

It's the kind of life lesson that stays with you.

Kaky McGinness Grant’s grandmother in Tennessee was an avid volunteer into her 80s. “Make us ever mindful of the needs of others,” she’d say, and take young Kaky with her on some of her weekly visits to volunteer at a local nursing home.

After earning a degree in art history, Kaky began to find her way to her own passions for volunteering, as well as start to shape a career working with nonprofit organizations and donors. She began by fundraising for the Smithsonian National Zoo and The Field School, both in Washington, DC. For 15 years, she worked as a consultant for CapDev, a boutique consulting firm in North Carolina that helps nonprofit organizations develop capital campaign and major gift strategies.

In 2010, she moved to Charleston with her husband, Carter Grant, a Charlestonian whose law practice specializes in tax and estate planning.

Give, Better

We believe that the world is at its best with thoughtful philanthropy. We look forward to working with you to make the most of your ideas and passions dreams for your giving.

Kaky created Grant Philanthropic Advisors in 2019 to provide a new option for individuals, families, family offices and foundations looking to cultivate deeper meaning and impact with their giving.

In Charleston, Kaky has served as the board president of the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry and the local alumni chapter for Davidson College. She’s a volunteer and donor with several charitable organizations. Kaky is a 21/64 Certified Advisor and a candidate for a Master’s degree in Philanthropic Studies at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. And she finds new purpose in raising the Grant’s three young children to involve them in volunteering and giving projects.

“I want to inspire them,” Kaky says, “Just as my grandmother did for me.”

Give, Better

We believe that the world is at its best with thoughtful philanthropy. We look forward to working with you to make the most of your ideas and passions dreams for your giving.

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