The Social
Good Map

A guide to more effective giving

Philanthropists like you want to be more effective and impactful in their giving.
Do you want to better...

Measure impact?
Understand your giving patterns?
Discover opportunities that shift your strategy?
Align your values and mission with your time and financial resources over time?
Find more joy in the process?
We can help.

What is the Social Good Map?

The Social Good Map provides quantitative data that tracks your giving over time — equipping you with deep insight that empowers more strategic decisions — and greater impact on the causes that matter most to you.

The Social Good Map is Ideal For

Family Offices
Private Foundations
Charitable Trusts & Trustees

How We Help

  • Host Host and securely track your giving data.
  • Refine Regularly update data based upon your preferences and needs.
  • Create Write a plan of action for philanthropic engagement based on consultation conversations.
  • Customize Tailor criteria to be measured based upon your needs and goals.
  • Strategize Provide 3 hours of consulting annually to discuss impact and strategy for future giving.

Annual subscription available for those who are curious about their giving data and want helpful advice, but don't require an in-depth philanthropic strategy.

Insight With
Lasting Impact

Highlight impact across sectors and geographies
Create accountability
Connect asset management to philanthropic goals
Unite families around values and giving goals
Make more empowered strategic decisions
Align Corporate Sustainability Goals with Social Impact

Want to see what
The Social Good Map can do for you?

and let’s create more impact together.

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